frequently asked questions 

1.  can you make dairy, egg, or gluten-free desserts? 
at this time
mary's little sweets cannot make special allergy accommodations; our french macarons are a naturally gluten-free option. 

2.  can you make decorated cakes, cupcakes or cookies? 
unfortunately, mary was not blessed with the talents to make decorative cakes, cupcakes or cookies.  let her know if you need help finding someone to do so; she has a few friends she can recommend. 

3.  can you ship your little sweets to my family and friends? 
to ensure quality control, currently we can only ship cake pops (during the fall, winter and spring).  given the packaging costs and extra work that goes into shipping, there will be a $7.50 charge plus shipping per dozen.  all orders are shipped monday-wednesday usps priority (2-3 days).

4what are the shelf lives of your little sweets? 
french macarons should be kept refrigerated up to 3-5 days and brought to room temperature 5-10 minutes before enjoying.  they can be frozen for up to 2 weeks and defrosted overnight in the refrigerator.  

mini cupcakes should be enjoyed within 24-48 hours.  they tend to dry out the longer they are left out. 

cakes pops should be enjoyed within 5-7 days if kept in a cool, dry environment.  they do not need to be refrigerated, but can be at your own risk; they tend to sweat or crack if introduced to a humid environment.  make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight - they will melt!